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Multiple Choice

1. World famous magician, David Copperfield, made an appearance in which film?

A) Terror Train

B) Duel

C) Salem’s Lot

D) The Brood

2. Who played ‘The Shape’ in the 1978 ‘Halloween’ movie?


A) Tyler Mane

B) James Courtney

C) Nick Castle

D) Tony Moran


3. In ‘Friday the 13th’, Kevin Bacon met his demise from an arrow to the…

A) Lung

B) Heart

C) Stomach

D) Throat


4. In ‘A Nighmare on Elm Street’, Glen met his demise while…


A) In bed

B) In the bathtub

C) While watching TV

D) While jogging


5. “Meta Horror” can be attributed to which franchise?


A) Child's Play

B) Scream

C) Paranormal Activity

D) Sleepaway Camp

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